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Waste disposal

The Port of Sunderland Waste Management Plan fulfils statutory duties to provide waste reception facilities for vessels using the port.

A “Waste Notification Reporting Form” must be completed and forwarded to the ship’s agent prior to arrival.

All requests for waste reception facilities should be made through ships’ agents in the first instance.

For vessels operating exclusively within European Union boundaries, six 4.1 cubic-metre covered waste containers are located at the following Port of Sunderland-operated berths for ships’ domestic garbage only:

  • Corporation Quay (West)

  • Corporation Quay (East)

  • South-East Oil Berth

  • East Quay, Hendon Dock (North end)

  • East Quay South, Hudson Dock

  • Greenwells Quay

These receptacles are blue in colour and bear the “SITA” trade name and logo. Additional waste containers can be provided on request.

For vessels operating internationally, at least 24 hours notice must be given for a special “Category 1” container to be provided.

The port can also assist in arranging disposal of other liquid waste, oily bilge waste, ships’ tank washings, low flash point paint drums and cargo generated waste. No facilities exist for receiving ballast water, chemical waste or sewage.

Operators of berths, other than those listed above, will arrange for waste reception facilities through their nominated registered waste contractor.

Further information on waste disposal can be obtained from port control or the Harbour Master / Deputy Harbour Masters.

Awards and accreditations


The Port of Sunderland is certified by Product Authentication International (PAI) as complying with the Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) Trade Assurance Scheme for Combinable Crops (TASCC), in respect of storage and in-house testing of combinable crops and dry feed materials/ingredients.

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Investor in People

As a Sunderland City Council service the Port of Sunderland holds Investors in People status, achieved by the council in 2004.

Investors in People

British Ports Association

The port is a member of the British Ports Association