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Port control / communications           

Staffed by a team of MCA-accredited Local Port Services (LPS) operators, Port Control is situated on Greenwells Quay and is at the hub of port operations.

port of sunderland port controlMaintaining 24-hour RADAR, AIS and CCTV surveillance on vessels using the port and its approaches, staff keep continuous watch on international distress, safety and calling and port operations radio channels, using the call sign, “Sunderland Harbour Radio.”

A newly-installed UHF digital radio network with port-wide coverage has resulted in improved inter-departmental communication and increased operational efficiency.

With three telephone lines, e-mail, fax and computer facilities, Port Control acts as first point of contact for vessels, agents, foyboatmen, towage and other port services; and for implementation of port emergency and oil spill contingency plans. All telephone calls and radio transmissions are digitally recorded for subsequent analysis in the event of an incident.

Digital river and dock tide gauges and a computerised weather station provide up-to-the-minute tidal and meteorological information.

Computerised systems have been enhanced with the introduction of the Port of Sunderland Operations database, which provides an effective tool for recording, reporting and analysing shipping movements, incidents and operational events such as dredging, soundings, diving, bunkering, weather reports, equipment faults, etc. 

Contact details:

Distress, safety and calling - Channel 16
Port Operations - Channels 14 / 11

+44 (0)191 514 2752
+44 (0)191 567 0161
+44 (0)191 553 2149

Port Emergencies:
+44 (0)191 553 2115

+44 (0)191 553 2145

E-mail: sunderlandharbourradio@