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admin/../image_uploads/CS Sovereign arriving GQ 17.10.jpg

Cable ship, CS Sovereign, operated by Global Marine Systems arriving in port

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Offshore wind farm support: Kommandor Jack, Aquarius & AMT Explorer at quay

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NCK crawler crane stockpiling scrap metal for export at East Quay South

admin/../image_uploads/IMG_3691 copy.jpg

Simultaneous loading of scrap metal at East Quay South by mobile grab units

admin/../image_uploads/IMG_3705 copy.jpg

Mobile crane grab loading scrap metal on board AB Dublin at East Quay South


Deck cargo barge, Osprey Carrier, berthing at Greenwells Quay for repairs


Balmoral berthing to embark passengers for the 2010 Tall Ships Event

admin/../image_uploads/Osprey Warrier Cumbrae Seaham Pride Liebherr Crane (2) 15.07.jpg

Liebherr crane in transit downriver for export from Corporation Quay

admin/../image_uploads/DSCF4651 copy.jpg

Port of Sunderland pilot cutter, Wearmouth (Photo: Ed Hunter)

admin/../image_uploads/Liebherr loadout EQHD 23.07.2010 (07).jpg

PSV Malaviya Nineteen loading Liebherr offshore crane at Hendon Dock

admin/../image_uploads/Westminster 2.jpg

Frigate, HMS Westminster leaves port for Sunderland International Airshow


Neptune Proteus tidal power generator loadout at East Quay North


Tidal power generator built by Wear Dock & Engineering leaving port for Hull


Bulk imports being discharged from Wilson Aberdeen at Hendon Dock


Hendon Dock's spacious No. 6 shed provides ideal conditions for bulk storage


Transhipment of bulk cargo from Wilson Aberdeen direct to road haulage


Discharging bulk commodity from Arlow Ruler at Hendon Dock


Grab discharge of bulk cargo at Hendon Dock using versatile mobile unit

admin/../image_uploads/IMG_3038 small.jpg

Eems Transporter, Berit & Sv Knyaz Vladimir in busy harbour scene

admin/../image_uploads/pWX2M3786 small.jpg

Loading Liebherr offshore crane onto Rusich-5 for Caspian Sea

admin/../image_uploads/pWX2M0520 small.jpg

Gas field project cargo being loaded on board DSV Rockwater 1

admin/../image_uploads/pWX2M1596 small.jpg

Sodra woodpulp from Tofte being unloaded from Antabe at Corporation Quay

admin/../image_uploads/pWX2M1300 small.jpg

PSV Skandi Waveney after trans-shipment of reels from Barge SB 3311

admin/../image_uploads/pWX2M0539 small.jpg

Rix Merlin bunkering Rockwater 1 at Corporation Quay

admin/../image_uploads/pWX2M1012 small.jpg

Discharging pipe reels manufactured at Pallion shipyard for trans-shipment

admin/../image_uploads/Wilson Dover discharging woodpulp EQ Hendon Dock 23.10.jpg

Discharging woodpulp from Wilson Dover at East Quay, Hendon Dock

admin/../image_uploads/Sigas Linda - Wear Dock & Engineering small.jpg

LPG tanker, Sigas Linda, undergoing repairs at Wear Dock & Engineering

admin/../image_uploads/IMG_2858 small.jpg

Hydrographic research ship, HNLMS Luymes, berthing at Corporation Quay

admin/../image_uploads/Celtic Forester Half-tide basin 14.01 smalll.jpg

Celtic Forester lying in Half-Tide Basin prior to dry-docking

admin/../image_uploads/IMG_2965 small.jpg

Tugs undocking cargo ship, Elke W from Wear Dock & Engineering dry dock

admin/../image_uploads/IMG_2723 small.jpg

Type 42 destroyer, HMS Southampton, docking at Corporation Quay.

admin/../image_uploads/IMG_2960 small.jpg

Union Gem repairing at No. 23 berth & Clwyd Supporter laid up at Sheers Quay

admin/../image_uploads/IMG_2661 small.jpg

Dutch frigate, HNLMS De Zeven Provinciƫn, berthing at Corporation Quay.

admin/../image_uploads/IMG_3055 small.jpg

DSV Seven Pelican, arriving from Conoco-Phillips Judy / Joanne field

admin/../image_uploads/IMG_3093 small.jpg

Subsea 7 construction vessel, Seven Sisters, sailing for Barbarossa gas field.

admin/../image_uploads/IMG_3102 small.jpg

Subsea 7 pipe laying vessel, Seven Navica, turning in swinging basin

admin/../image_uploads/IMG_3106[1] small.jpg

Dutch Navy's landing platform dock ship, HNLMS Johan De Witt entering port

admin/../image_uploads/Stema 018 small.jpg

Jebsens & Mibau-Stema self-discharging bulk carriers berthed in lower harbour.

admin/../image_uploads/Sumiyoshi 08.05.2006 small.jpg

Heavy-lift ship, Sumiyoshi, arriving with project cargo for Unipres (UK)

admin/../image_uploads/Shannon Fisher dis. SE Oil Berth 08.03.2006 (2) small.jpg

Shannon Fisher discharging refined oil products at South-East Oil Berth

admin/../image_uploads/Alfatem SW Oil Berth ldg. Cemfuel SRM 10.11.2005 (1) small

Chemical tanker, Alfatem, loading Cemfuel at South-West Oil Berth

admin/../image_uploads/Sormovskiy 157x157.jpg

Night time discharge of aluminium from Sormovskiy-3056 at Hendon Dock

admin/../image_uploads/Wear Dock feature 04 small.jpg

Standby safety vessel, Putford Protector, preparing to sail after dry-docking.

admin/../image_uploads/Tek Baba disch steel re-bars 2007 157x157.jpg

Tek Baba discharging steel re-bars from Turkey at Corporation Quay


Regine loading Liebherr MTC 6000 offshore cranes for China on maiden voyage


Port's new Liebherr LHM 150 crane discharging woodpulp at Hendon Dock


Assault ship, HMS Bulwark, arriving for courtesy visit at Corporation Quay.


Loading limestone at East Quay South from Owen Pugh Ltd's Marsden Quarry


Transfer of gasfield project cargo to Subsea 7 vessel, Seven Sisters.


Simultaneous handling of granite, woodpulp & crane parts in lower harbour