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port of sunderland

Cranes / plant & equipment



ID ref.

Max. SWL


Corporation Quay


35 tonnes

Rail mounted portal crane

Corporation Quay


35 tonnes

Rail mounted portal crane

East Quay, Hendon Dock


40 tonnes

Liebherr harbour mobile crane.
Redeployable elsewhere on port

East Quay, Hendon Dock


32 tonnes

NCK crawler crane - capable of grabbing.
Redeployable elsewhere on port



30 tonnes

Grove Coles mobile crane

Tandem lifts of up to 50 tonnes can be undertaken using a unique level lifting beam.

Plant and equipment

port of sunderland cranes / plant & equipmentA fleet of fork lift trucks, ranging from 4-tonne to 29-tonne capacity, with a wide range of attachments, are available to meet all cargo handling requirements.

Road haulage, including a drop-sided HGV, an articulated tractor unit and two 40-tonne low-loaders, is provided for internal tranportation of cargoes within the port estate.


Quay aprons and construction

port of sunderland cranes / plant & equipmentMinimum apron width at both Corporation Quay and East Quay, Hendon Dock is approximately 17 metres.

Corporation Quay is partially constructed on monoliths and fully capable of supporting heavy lift mobile cranes, as demonstrated by the regular export of Liebherr cranes and handling of other project cargoes. It is essential, however, for the port's engineering section to be consulted in advance regarding the safe positioning of heavy craneage.